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We offer a number of precision machining services of metals and plastics.

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We carry out serial orders as well as individual projects.

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NEKERS' area of activity is widely-defined CNC machining of metals and plastics. The machine facilities and a group of verified subcontractors we have enables us to efficiently carry out projects requiring the application of various machining technologies. Essentially it is CNC milling and CNC turning, however, we also have a wide range of other technologies such as welding, vibratory surface finishing, electrical discharge machining, heat treatment and many others. This enables us to carry out various orders from our clients.

At NEKERS we only use modern tools and machinery which means that CNC machining of even superhard materials or titanium alloys is fast and efficient. However, we specialise in aluminium machining and stainless steel machining. We carry out most of our orders in those materials, especially aluminium milling and aluminium turning and stainless steel milling and stainless steel turning. Amongst the current production there is a variety of turned elements such as pins, axles, rolls, barrels and milled such as plates, castings, bases, frames and many others.

Apart from serial production using CNC machinery for clients from various industries, we also carry out advanced individual projects. It is mainly making prototypes requiring 3D machining and elements for various testing and research units. We also support many companies with production maintenance service and manufacturing of production line instruments. We co-operate with companies designing and assembling own devices, making milled and turned elements or others requiring other technologies from our offer.