We are a modern company, specialising in machining of metals and plastics. When establishing NEKERS, however, we wanted to create something more than another production company. Our company's philosophy is solving clients' problems. The production itself is often the last phase of the whole process of problem analysis and choosing optimal solutions. Such ambitious targets require appropriate means to be met. That is why, NEKERS' staff are not chosen randomly: they consist exclusively of young people characterised by open-mindedness and passionate work ethic.



The company's history goes back to the 80s of last century when Kazimierz Paszek established his small locksmith workshop. To begin with, the operation relied exclusively on small services. With time, the range of capabilities was widening and the company was developing in the direction of co-operation with the automotive industry.

The turning point in the company's development is 2008 when generational change of the management took place. Since then, we have been operating under the NEKERS logo, which is a symbol of new philosophy and strategy.



At NEKERS we realise that nowadays the company needs constant development to meet clients' growing demands. Because of that, we have carried out a number of investments over the last few years, aiming at modernisation of buildings as well as machine facilities.

The range of the works undertaken was so big that as a result we have doubled our company's production capacity. Carrying out such an ambitious strategy is possible due to, amongst others, successful policy of obtaining external sources of financing.



Like in any industry, in CNC machining, the basis of strong position of the company on the market is a number of satisfied customers, for whom fruitful co-operation is a reason to recommend our services. NEKERS successfully co-operates with many enterprises from a very diverse range of industries in Poland and abroad. Recognition by such corporations as HYUNDAI can indicate the quality of services we offer.

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Since it was established, NEKERS has put big emphasis on investments in infrastructure and machinery. We realise that only work with modern equipment guarantees a strong position on a very demanding CNC machining market. We derive pleasure and satisfaction from the fact that our development strategy supported by results achievement is acknowledged by bodies deciding on awarding grants from the European Regional Development Fund.

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We constantly look for talented and ambitious people to work in our dynamically developing team.

If you are a CNC machine tool programmer or would like to be one, send us your CV to:

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The person responsible for the recruitment process at NEKERS will be in touch with you in order to take you through the verification process if you are a suitable candidate.

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We specialise in CNC milling and CNC turning of various materials.

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Amongst our orders there are products for many different industries.

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