Profile Calibration

Kalibrator profili

Construction mainly made of stainless steel using machined elements and also standard parts.

Rolls for magnetron

Rolki do magnetronu

A set of stainless rolls with bearings with regulated position used on a production line in the automotive industry.

Drill Drivers

Prowadzenie do wiertarki

A system of brass and stainless roll drivers precisely embedded on a light aluminium structure.

Test Station

Stanowisko pomiarowe

Test station made by NEKERS for the Programme of Building of Polish Artificial Heart.

Housing for research unit

Obudowa stacji badawczej

A prototype of electronic system housing made of two aluminium blocks formed in a way to facilitate heat emission.

Adjustable Roll Set

Nastawny zestaw rolkowy

A set of rolls with adjustable positioning on two axes. The system is a component of the profile straightening machine.

Company Firma

Well thought-out work management means we offer the express service if required.

Services Usługi

CNC machining of aluminium and acid-proof steel is our speciality.

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