CNC Milling

Frezowanie CNC

We specialise in CNC milling of aluminium and stainless steel, however, we process all available materials using our 4 axis machining centres indeed.

CNC Turning

Toczenie CNC

Our CNC lathes enable very fast and precise machining of small size parts. We offer CNC turning of all materials, aluminium and stainless steel amongst others.


Obróbka elektroerozyjna

The service of wire cut EDM supplements the classic CNC machining technology and allows us to manufacture shapes which are not achievable by other technologies.

Heat treatment

Obróbka cieplna

NEKERS has verified partners specialized in volume and surface heat treatment so we can offer also quenching , carburisation , annealing and nitriding of machined parts if necessary.



We cooperate with professionals specializing in many welding technologies: TIG, MIG, MAG, MMA. Welded materials: construction steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper.

Vibratory surface finishing


We have tools for tumble finishing which enable finishing surfaces and edges of parts in an automated way. As a result we achieve even and smooth surface of our products.

Company Firma

NEKERS is a company built on the foundation of a young team of ambitious people.

Products Realizacje

We support big corporations by delivering specialized tooling for production lines.

Quick Contact Szybki Kontakt

tel. +48 601 625 962 tel. +48 888 659 484
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